4 way stretch technology


Allways is one of the new innovations of the Mexican company Global Denim® for the AW 18/19 season. It is a Bi-Stretch or 4 way stretch technology.

denim highlight

There are many types of stretch in the market. Most of which are weft only stretch, or in some new and innovative cases warp only stretch. For Global Denim® these kinds of stretch are not always satisfactory in terms of body shaping, fit and comfort, so they came up with a new and revolutionary 4 way stretch fabric.

Global Denim® 4 way stretch fabric offers stretch in both the warp and weft, creating better elasticity, better arrangement in construction, more comfort and better movement on the body and superior performance.

It also has length recovery action, meaning it won´t sag or lose its shape. It has a straighter and tighter look, and the best part of all is that it has better shaping of the
body. it has incredible holding power and it makes you look and feel slimmer.

This new fabric gives designers the opportunity to experiment and create different styles and new designs with more motion freedom.