AMFI on board for the Denim PV Hackathon

International renowned fashion schools will participate in the first Denim PV Hackathon.

We are proud to announce that AMFI, the Amsterdam Fashion Institute will be on board with 3 students for this innovative challenge.


“AMFI is thrilled to have its students engage collaboratively with other schools and creatives in the Denim PV Hackathon. This 48-hour event will test the students’ skills and their ability to generate ideas against the clock. Such a fun and innovative environment will build new friendships and future networks.
As denim is one of the most loved fabrics and an iconic staple of youth culture, it is only right to have students involved. From workwear to designer denim and the recent reincarnation of sportswear, the blue jean has taken many directions. I am sure our teams will have much more to say about the garment’s future, its environmental impact and denim’s social role in shaping the next generation.”

More info about the Denim PV Hackathon here

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