BLU BLOCK | REVEALING CODES Federico Ferrarini for Vi.Be.Mac.

Blu block is an experiment that is generated from the union of the artistic research of Federico Ferrarini and the industrial innovation of

Through the symbol of a tree which finds lymph from the waste materials of the denim supply chain and tries to return them to a new life with its fruits,

The artist seeks to open a reflection.

He emphasizes the fact that every single block of the circularity is just code to reveal. It’s at the same time the key of an ancient code that could help to trace a different future.

3 days live performance

Federico Ferrarini _ 2
Federico Ferrarini _ 3

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It’s in The Denim Pop Up Street
Nov. 15-16 / Special Opening on Nov. 14 from 7pm
Rue du Vertbois (n°14 to 30)

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