Eco Creation


Day 2, focus on sustainability!

On December 5-6, 2018, London will host Denim Première Vision. Discover the program of Day 2!

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Horizon by Naveena

Naveena prove one more time with their last innovation that denim is definitely on its way to get greener!

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Smart Library, the report

The exhibitors last sustainable innovations were all at the Smart Library during Denim Première Vision. Unveil the se...

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Smart Wardrobe, the report

Get a taste of responsibly sourced and manufactured clothing showcased last May at the Smart Square. And you, are you...

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Smart Talk, the report

The facts and future opportunities for sustainable denim. Get the report!

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Atelier Tuffery: The sustainable denim!

Atelier Tuffery, the oldest French denim producer, lauches a new line which is going to revolutionize French modern d...

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