IED on board for the Denim PV Hackathon

Internationally renowned fashion schools set to participate in the first Denim PV Hackathon.

We are proud to announce that IED, will be on board with 3 students for this innovative challenge.

IED 280


“First, Denim Première Vision is the most important denim textile fair in the world, and the perfect place to foster new behaviours around denim. The Hackathon connects different students, different cultural values, and different ways of understanding fashion. The daily use of denim has caused us to lose some of our sensibility to this textile.

The Hackathon is more than a meeting, it is an experience in design-thinking. Our students have to learn not only how to design, but also how to think about, solve and address borders in our current society. The project forces them to work under pressure, sharing their knowledge with other students and following the input of a leader. It’s actually a perfect way to truly realise how hard professional life is.

Our students are the designers of today but they are also the fashion professionals of tomorrow. The Denim future must be led by new faces, and they have to trust that other fashion systems are possible. A future without the next generations would not develop the new tools needed to improve the fashion system.”

More info about the Denim PV Hackathon here

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