Jeanologia x Denim PV – Laundry

is the invisible soul of the Jeans Industry, nothing can change without technological innovation.

Jeanologia wants to encourage designers to take on the new creative revolution through technology. Today it is possible to break down the barriers between creativity & technology, fashionistas & technocrats, designers & engineers.

In the 21st Century, the textile industry is changing. Creativity and sustainable techniques are integrated now for more environmentally friendly jeans without losing appeal.

are the key to the new industrial era.


The first Jeans finishing plant that guarantees ZERØ ® contamination.   

For the first time ever, a Denim plant will achieve ZERØ ® waste, thanks to the efficient combination of Jeanologia’s technologies laser, G2 ozone, eFlow and H2 Zero.

Laundry 5. ZerØ, recycles the water used, eliminating the need for water treatment, ending the use of pumice stone and removing the harmful manual processes.

Zero means ZERØ
No discharge, no contamination, no hand processes, no complex treatments and no waste of money.


Denim PV visitors could have a real experience, come on board the