May 2018 – The Program

Get the program: A19W20 fashion trends, worldwide mills, focus on eco-friendly creation, new one hour and a half masterclass

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Meidea for a sustainable future

Established in 2004 in the Northeast of Italy, Meidea is a creative studio that unifies a group of skilled profession...

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Find us wherever you are !

Get your personalized journey according to your location!

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Join us to the Parc Floral de Paris !

Because fashion needs to open and inspire itself, Denim Première Vision launched a new roving concept, moving and tra...

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BRONGO : Machines for Humans

BRONGO is one of the leading company producing washing & dyeing machines in Italy since three generations.

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Arvind Limited says no to cotton and yes to inn...

Arvind Limited will present you its two new innovations at Denim Première Vision, have a look on it before the showca...

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Kassim : Denim as a symbol of our society

Kassim will be at Denim PV. They also will showcase their eco-friendly innovations in the Smart Square, here is a qui...

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