Save the date for the M&J Group workshop at Denim PV

M&J Group is back at Denim Première Vision to strengthen its strategic presence in Europe, choosing the expo as the ideal platform to reinforce the quality proposal by the group, that will also host the unique workshop :



“Making pattern: a tale of excellence”
(November, 14 – 2017 – M&J Group Booth C4 – 4.45 pm)

M&J Group proudly hosts the Workshop  “Making pattern: a tale of excellence” : creativity, technique and authenticity to reinvent premium denim.


A unique workshop led by Alessio Berto from The Tailor Pattern Support, showcasing the special collection “MILITARY WORK PANTS RELOAD” realized in collaboration with M&J Group to tell the journey leading to the creation and production of unique garments, emphasizing the traditional and crucial work of pattern making in fashion and denim industry, mixed with the cutting-edge technology and M&J Group exclusive expertise. A partnership that highlights the added value of pattern making to manufacture high quality products starting from tradition, to reinvent fashion from its very roots.


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