A first taste of Spring Summer 20

Next December 5-6 at the Old Truman Brewery in London, Denim PV will bring together denim lovers to discover Spring Summer 20!

Forward-looking inspiration and fashion directions, decodings and analyses of tangible and complementary trends, creative collaborations ranging from the inspiring to the concrete, from creation to realisation… The show’s fashion information, developed by its dedicated team, explores the season and showcases denim’s full breadth and modernity to meet the challenges of all fashion markets.


Spring Summer 20

Be open to change for Spring Summer 20! 4 essential trend directions to leave your comfort zone and embrace opportunities…

Get a first taste of the season!

#1 Discover

Fashion is attitude,
Tolerance, embracing, no restriction, style and beauty,
Moving forward in new directions, cultures and aspects of life.

Spring Summer 20Spring Summer 20Spring Summer 20

#2 Care & Share

Fashion is a help
We share because we care
We care about us, our humanity and our environment
We share ideas, questions, doubts, convictions
and solutions with an open-source attitude

Spring Summer 20Spring Summer 20Spring Summer 20

#3 Performance Perspective

Fashion is performing,
Performance becomes a service supporting a more human life.
Performance is durability, is a stable relationship.
Performance is flexibility, coolness, it’s the way to leave your comfortable box, is is the way to be an everyday hero, in the real life.

Spring Summer 20Spring Summer 20Spring Summer 20


#4 Personalisation, be you

Fashion is communication
It magically produces expression and identity
It’s a message to the universe
It’s a fingerpint and a connection to a cause

Spring Summer 20Spring Summer 20Spring Summer 20

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