A19W20 Fashion Focus #2: Relaxed Suppleness

During last Denim PV event, you’ve discovered the A19W20 denim fashion highlights. An A19W20 season that will evolve around 5 main themes:
Impact Tailoring | Extroverted Street | Evening Denim | Active Denim | Wild Denim

Today, the Denim PV Fashion Team sheds light on RELAXED SUPPLENESS, a main trend for A19W20:

Autumn winter 2019-20 at Denim Première Vision underlines a strong shift towards casualness, with an emphasis on weight.
The season invents:

  • a new nonchalance with larger yarns
  • a sensual languor with expertly dosed mixes of cotton, Lyocell and wool
  • a gentler, inviting heaviness with softly washed finishings.

Denim becomes a faithful companion to knits and fleeces to enhance their cocooning dimension, sensually inviting us to snuggle up in looser clothing with a pleasing and generous softness.

Stay tuned, 3 more must-have trends to come!

A19W20 Relaxed Suppleness

Get the report of the A19W20 season here >

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