Into the Blue : Ecolo jean, bi-stretch and authentic looks by Global Denim

Expanding horizons, free, relaxing, conquering path are the sources of inspiration for the new collection of  Global Denim.
To highlight this new theme and collection, products are grouped into 8 different categories : ALLways, Warp´d, RealSoft, Powertek, B-Touch, Stretch´d, The Rigids, Ecolojean. Have a glimpse of four of them:




Global Denim reintroduce its newest concept Ecolojean, as to highlight its new Powertek collection which now proudly has the Dual FX lycra certification.
Benefits : No water discharging, less energy consumption, less dye consumption, less CO2 footprint.


Global’s Denim Bi-Stretch : stretch in both the warp and weft, better elasticity, better arrangement in construction, more comfort and better movement on the body and superior performance. Allways gives designers the opportunity to experiment and create different styles and new designs with more motion freedom.

Global Denim wants to bring heritage to the present by blending vintage looking cotton fabrics  with modern Yarns. To imitate rigid looking denim, the company also creating new looks that represent what the market wants now in terms of fashion :


The true character of a rigid denim, but with the comfort of the stretch, heritage and value on  products adding the comfort and free movement quality.


Global Denim stands for heritage, true denim and vintage looks.

More info about Global Denim >

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