Denim bathed in light

In a sign of the times, summers 2018 and 2019 gave free rein to our desire for transparency: a desire for lightness, a willingness to assume what is revealed (one’s body, a handbag’s contents). For spring summer 2020, denim opens the season and sets the tone: give us brightness!


A bright opening for spring summer 20

Denim sweeps aside the last of the frost and turns to face the sun, exposing itself till it obtains an incomparable bluish and whitened tone, free of all greyness, as airy and ethereal as a radiant sky. This wave of brightness embodies a dream of cleanliness, the fantasy of stepping into a tinted whiteness, as if detoxed, washed clean in the hot summer sun!

One of the leading tones of this denim season is located between the nearly white, fresh and dynamic blues, and the bluish, lively, water-coloured ecrus, to which a subtle dash of colour adds just the right amount of texture and tension. These bleached-out blues are right in tune with a cheerful season, where colours radiant with light create a blurry and moving delicacy.


Washes are soft, light, and regular. They’re not aimed at creating contrast and, at the most, go as far as a powdery, discreetly cloudy effect, never anything violent. When combined with the most highly saturated colours, these denims have an enhancing effect, magnifying the impact of brights as effectively as a true white, with a relaxed refinement.

Denim, a loyal favourite to be worn without reservation, and even more appealing in this whitened version, goes everywhere, from day to night throughout the season – the core item of summery perfection.


Denim bathed in light

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