Multi-pocketed and multi-functional

A stylistic favourite emerges for spring summer 2020 : multiple, high-visibility pockets  – a powerful direction to seize on.


Functionality : a cornerstone of differentiation

Denim clothing and accessories come armed with multiple pockets, ready to meet all of modern life’s challenges. Patch, integrated, appliqué, square and zipped pockets. Pockets with flaps, snaps and gussets, all acting as protrusions, extensions and amplifications of the self, to imagine oneself an everyday hero.

Worker or painters’ jackets, blousons and the sleeveless jackets of an urban explorer roam the city on new mobile e-rides, in updated trousers and cargo shorts, sporting pouch bags and kangaroo-style pouches on hoodies.  These items express functionality, practicality, multi-use and comfort.


Visually, they convey their added-value through dense, resistant, strong and flexible fabrics worked in a slightly relaxed spirit, with well-drawn, hollowed-out diagonal weaves and basket-wovens that follow the body’s movements.

Sturdy but supple garments vaunt adaptability, are cut to last, and flaunt their tangible, durable dimension in a pervasively digital world where the real and the concrete are becoming more valuable.


Pockets are affixed to big, relaxed pieces. They are personalised to create singular styles, to effortlessly express one’s independence without any compromise in quality. Like a soft carapace, they reinforce us, enhancing our own performance by accommodating all connected objects.

This particular fashion conviction reflects a strong, determined preference for products that are modular, reliable, durable and generous.



Multifunctional garments are enhanced by high-tech, waterproof and high-strength components, zips and rivets, which compound the power of products, making garment finishings – high-quality, high-design and functionalan essential element in terms of differentiation.


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