S/S 19 Best with Tommy Hilfiger & Joes Jeans

Last November, the Denim PV Fashion team unveiled the 10 major trends for the Spring Summer 19 season through the Trends Area and the Denim Trend Tasting.

Refining? Squaring? Dematerializing or Inverting?
Which one will be your leading trend for Spring Summer 19 collections?

Lina Horner, Senior Designer at Tommy Hilfiger and Nathaniel Freeman, Senior Designer at Joes Jeans gave us their favorite products during a Trends Area Guided Tour…
Lina Horner loved the idea of having heavy and vintage look but with a soft and light touch: “With volume in denim you are used to have a lot of weight. Now you can have light and flowy touch and feeling.”
For Nathaniel Freeman, the squaring theme will be a must for S/S 19.

Let’s discover their best in images.


Denim with a sturdy and solid suppleness
Soft linen blends
Rounded lines and shapes
Rigour intersects with fluidity, to update the tailored spirit
Graphic accessories mix circles with broken lines


Lightening fabrics to cancel out weights
Ultra-light denim fabrics
Burnt-outs and synthetic transparency
Hollowed-out decoration and missing elements
Transparent jacrons and handtags, plays on emptied graphics
Elaborating the depth of accessories through different planes





Uses are reversed and normal practices revoked
Denim fabrics are turned inside out for more paleness
Playing with jacquards with inverse effects
Usual wash placements are switched
Wear is replaced by drawn sketchings
We decorate the insides of clothing
Accessories in shaded colourings and cloudy gradations



Liquid and lustrous fabrics for tops
Creamy fluidity for pants
Runny cupro, lyocell, modal and cotton blends
Pale pearlescence and soft metallics
Light metal coatings on worn bases for accessories


Lina Horner “I believe in more volume in the silhouette, but with lighter weights – like the peasants skirts.”


Calm visuals and harmonized textures
Tone-on-tone textures and jacquards
Monochrome weave plays
Uniform sky blue
Labels in tone-on-tone graphic micro-motifs
Blush-toned accessories to update camels


Neat and square weaves
Geometric fantasy and 3d effects
Graphic seams and manufacturing details
Short, boxy jackets and shirts
Labels with square constructions in weaves,
Embossings and prints

Find out all the Spring Summer 19 trends illustrated with the exhibitors latest product and developments >

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