Subtle imperfection

Today, when imagery is so pervasive, showy and designed to elicit an immediate impact, jeans – in this particular highlight – strike a counter note.  They find a new harmony with delicacy, with soft irregularities to impart a liveliness to material, and convey notions of respect, beauty and sustainability.


Spring summer 20 denim celebrates fine irregularities

For spring summer 20, weavers are developing refined blends aligning denim closer to nature, tapping into its materials, its smooth irregular effects, its textures with restrained relief, its sensitive and delicate handles.

Imagine the land of a deceptively smooth field on a fine day, its dense grasses faintly traversed by an imperceptible breeze – such is our decoration. An imaginary land nourishing a craving for discreetly moving fabrics, shot through with a tactile vibration, worked by time and man, bearing minute, skilfully relaxed traces.



Linen, mostly blended, brings surfaces to life with its fine irregularities, lending character and freshness to handles. Its natural colour, mixed with indigo, creates a beautifully weathered rendering.

In 100% cotton, imperfections are precise and fine: slubs and bursts blur rigorous diagonals, creating subtly disorderly basketwovens and open weaves.



Along with its impact on fabrics, irregularity is also worked via very slight scratches, not in any way to abuse fabrics, but rather enhance them, by emphasizing their living quality.

These scrapes are immensely delicate, barely brushing the surface and emerging from the softest possible wash-outs, just enough to let light catch fraying volumes escaping from fabric ends like tiny little sprigs. Lightly tickling fabrics without impairing them.


Spring summer 20 jeanswear also seeks harmony with nature by incorporating its calm yet temperamental beauty. The very structures of textiles prompt us to feel them.

This added life and refinement contribute to clothes with a relaxed elegance and polished finishings, floaty, liberated pieces that continue to move away from the body.


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