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BCI cotton and recycled polyester from the sea, post-consumer recycled products, technologies to reduce water use in the dyeing process, alternative solution to permanganate treatment, eco-friendly metal trimmings…

At the show, check out the Smart & Responsible focus showcasing exhibitors sustainable developements.

In  the meantime, discover the mills sustainable innovations:


    YKK latest collection of sustainable fastening accessories

    Raw Elements Finish
    A combination of jeans button and rivet with a different base material: Stainless Steel, Copper and Brass. No galvanic finishes nor complex plating, just eco-friendly items with a vintage look that makes them suitable for all denim application. The logo is inspired by the Universal Fasteners Inc., historical button factory based in the USA, producing reliable metal accessories since 1895.

    Zero Water Button
    0% water consumption, 100% YKK
    . Another step forward in YKK research toward sustainable and low impact items, proving that it is possible to make stylish effects keeping also an eye to the environment.

    Rainbow PVD Finishe
    PVD stands for Physical Vapour Deposition, a process that compared to galvanic has basically no material waste and no water consumption. This process gives a high wear and oxidation resistance to the surface. Many possibilities to achieve original effects like this rainbow effect, in both shiny or matt version.

    Elements Finishes Two-Level Logo
    The buttons come in two new “elements finishes”, so called for being made with a mix of natural materials such salt or stones. YKK present a huge selection of original effects, free of any hazardous or toxic substances, with a reduction of 70% in chemicals and till 54% in water consumption. The button or rivet can be customized with a brand logo even on a small spaces and over difficult angles.

    More info on YKK >


    BioClean by Soko Chimica : the new stone

    The new way
    Product designed for the cleaning and mild eco-bleaching of the indigo fabric and garments, enhanching the abrasion and contrast (like stones) and giving the following advantages: reduce the consumption of stones, reduce the use of Permanganate, replace the Ozone treatment and more.

    The sustainable quality
    Applied in the same machine of stone wash in cold water it gives a perfect cleaning within 10 min. of treatment, enhancing the abrasion and hi-low, saving stones, process time and increasing the productivity. Moreover, whenever a mild discharging on the scraped parts is required, the use of Bioclean can replace the Potassium Permanganate, saving also in this case the timing and handling due to this process and giving a truly Sustainable solution (without spray) to the use of Permanganate.

    More info on Soko Chimica >


    DyeDry, reducing water use with W DENIM

    Two ecological concepts partners for reducing the water use.

    DyeDry visual
    DyeDry is a new dyeing technique developed in W-Lab. It reduce dyeing costs and darker yet brighter shades.

    DyeDry is used in Pitch Black, the first color line which is completely water free. The technique offers a much darker and deeper black.

    Size Matters®

    As it becomes a corporate identity feature, W Denim™ introduces its commercially innovative concept “Size Matters®”. Being independent of any specific product group,  Size Matters®” label can be seen in each product group from rigid compositions to extreme stretch lines.

    This approach aims to enable customers and their subcontractors to have a more efficient production process because most of the time, fabric width means a lot. Besides, W Denim™ pricing policy for Size Matters® product line does not dictate any extra added value except the additional portion of production cost only. Another feature of the concept is sustainability from a different angle because it reduces the fabric waste because the garment pieces are placed in a much more efficient way.

    SIZEMATTERS visual

    More info on W DENIM >


    RE-CREATE by Kilim Denim : post consumer product concept

    Creating sustainable denim world is about being a part of circular economy.

    In this belief Kilim Denim develops post consumer product concept RE-CREATE, through Alliance for Responsible Denim platform by collaborating with conscious denim brands.

    Kilim Denim new innovative fabrics produced from used materials is the core of the concept by using less energy, material and by giving more clean air, water, sources to the next generations.

    RE-CREATE concept, focuses on Kilim special fits and well known colors. This unique achievement perfectly brings style and trend aspect to the eco friendly appearance.


    More info on Kilim Denim >



    All the garments of M&J Group SS 2019 collection, as well as the consumption of resources to produce them, is constantly monitored with START TO MEASURE™, the integrated system conceived and developed by M&J Group, that traces every garment step by step, developing reliable data on the quantity of resources used in the finishing and washing process.

    Furthermore, the garments of the new SS 2019 collection are realized in a state-of-the-art factory, LEED Platinum Certified, to meet the highest standard of responsible production.

    m&j group

    More info on M&J Group >


    Back to Basic : a return of rigid denim with hint of stretch


    The New Blue
    Unique and sustainable indigo dye technology to create Bermuda Blue, a brighter shade, perfect summer blue, with vintage indigo wash down properties. Another mid tone indigo introduced is Miller Blue, reducing water consumption by 15% and designed for quick wash down, unique highs and lows.

    The New Tencel®, Refibra
    First in the collaboration line-up are three new soft lightweight blue denims incorporating Refibra™, the new TENCEL™ branded lyocell fibers, which are made from pulp that contains cotton scraps left over from cutting operations and wood. Refibra™ fibers also recently achieved the Recycled Claim Standard, which certifies that all production processes in its entire supply chain have undergone the necessary steps to ensure the integrity of the final product

     More info on Prosperity Textile >



Find out all sustainable products thanks to the new multi-criteria ecatalog >


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