US Denim new Authen-Tech focus adds function to classic jeans styles

New Product Lines

  • Classic selvedge from the company’s extensive array of legacy looms is now being offered with bi-stretch feature called the “SelvedgeX”
  • Natural fiber alternatives
  • More hi-tech yarn blends for extra comfort
  • New range of Authentic products that’s includes rigid and stretch both kind of fabrics
  • New fabrics in hyper stretch category for men and women both

Color-shift fades

Pioneering dye-coating techniques are being presented by the US Group in three vivid forms that demonstrate amazing stability or astounding changes:

  • Obsidian deep indigo starts as a rich greenish black. Washing releases multiple unique blues and unlocks a natural parchment undertint.

Obsidian 3

Obsidian 1

  • Twilight starts as saturated midnight black. Every wash awakens deep indigos, arouses lush blues and raises slight green-cast indigo.

Twilight 3

Twilight 4

  • Ash Grey retains a premium look throughout repeated washing with a pure, stable black tone that shuns any yellow paleness.

Ash Grey 1

Ash Grey 3_

More info about US Denim here

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