Workshop: A°19 W°20 fitway by Meidea

A°19 W°20 FITWAY: Coordinates for new shapes

“We are amidst a rapidly changing reality, an impulse that is dynamically driving innovation and design.

Guided by the necessity of a sustainable future, we seek a conscious way in the use of material’s and conceiving projects.
In designing a collection, the knowledge of processes, its materials and their origins are guidelines for the future.
Traceability and transparency are primary values: consumers feel the conscious need to understand more about the products.
Communication is vital in showing how things are made and new values and interpretations are taking shape.
Technology leads us to innovation, digitization allows us to interact with the product.
Historical brands are concerned with their past and are rediscovering their founding values, their original energies;
this trend starts from the voices of consumers, from pop culture, the birth of a new era. The fashion trends also marks a transition: designing fits for a collection, sustained by the value of diversity, we will come up with a fluid identity.
A new aesthetic will be recognized in a wide spectrum of genres, a visual morph that accompanies the body outside codified identities in the transfigurations and freedom of expression.

 About Lucia Rosin

Fashion designer and denim expert; she has been working in fashion and textile business for 30 years and as a consultant for denim companies since 1997.

Sustainability enthusiast since early ‘90s, she pursues an ecological approach in every project since the beginning of her career.

With this vision she founded MEIDEA, Italian fashion consulting company established in 2004 formed by a group of professionals who merge a creative approach to a technical know-how, focusing on environmental approach.

Research traveller, photography passionate, vintage clothing collector (each one of the 4000 pieces now stored in Meidea’s archive), since 2016 she has moved to “Meidea Atelier” : a restored factory building converted to a polyfunctional point of interconnections, where art installations, conferences and workshops blends together with the fashion atelier and the consultancy studio.

About Meidea

Established in 2004 in the Northeast of Italy, Meidea is a creative studio that unifies a group of skilled professionals with international experience in textiles, fashion, graphic and architecture, connected to their craftsmen roots.

Their aim is to provide clients with a complete and effective made-to-measure consultancy in the development of image, products, boot design and industrial process.

Meidea collaborates in collection innovation with the most important companies in the denim world: Brands, Denim Mills, Accessories and Laundries.

Starting from research of Trends worldwide and an archive of more than 4.000 garments, it creates the guidelines of the new collections. Thanks to its wide range of capabilities, Meidea can conceive its proper path to develop fashion trends and design projects, following and curating them step by step, tailoring each project to the customer requests.

Sustainability: Meidea offers itself as a center to exchange ideas, focused on its sustainable soul. It follows the path of green economy, designing and development of smart projects by using creativity for environmental protection, energy and water saving, supporting the selection of the best sustainable materials and their story telling. This has always been and remains the key strength for this company.

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