7 Smart Talks on Day 2

The entire day Thursday 6 December will be dedicated to Smart Creation. Join the Smart Talks to gain a complete understanding of the circular economy, with insights from fibre producers, denim mills, fashion brands and circularity experts.

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#1 Brands’ new business models through the lens of a circular economy

Discover the circular economy destined to revolutionize denim, and the fair’s commitment to creating disruptive synergies as presented by Fabio Adami Dalla Val, Show Manager Denim Première Vision. Explore ‘Blue of a Kind’, handcrafted in Italy from vintage jeans and surplus fabric. MUD Jeans, designed and produced for reuse, recycling and up-cycling. And HNST, a brand new Belgian brand, which launched its first denim collection last March using recycled denim fibres from their ‘time to harvest’ campaign, which collected 6,000 pairs of pre-worn jeans from the Antwerp region.

Dion Vijgeboom, Co-Owner and Eva Engelen, Responsible for CSR, MUD JEANS
Fabrizio Consoli CEO & Founder,BLUE OF A KIND
Fabio Adami Dalla Val, Show Manager, DENIM PV
Tom Duhoux, founder, HNST

At 10am

Smart Talks

#2 Arvind and Directa Plus present: Graphene Plus upgraded for functional denim

Arvind and Directa Plus present the first results of their exclusive collaboration.
Discover the G+ graphene-based products from Directa Plus and gain a full understanding of their properties and denim-fabric applications.

Stefano Aldighieri, Creative Director, ARVIND
Razvan Popescu, Chief Operating Officer and Board Member, DIRECTA PLUS

At 11am

#3 What did it take to make the first stretch jeans designed for circularity?

C&A is the world’s first retailer to offer jeans for men or women that are entirely Cradle to Cradle Certified™ at the Gold level. Hear from C&A and Asahi Kasei, who will be explaining how this was made possible and how it can be scaled.

Jens Hesse, Design Manager for Mens Denim, C&A
Stephan Huette, Production & Quality Assurance Manager, ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei

At 11:30am

#4 SolucellAir: crafting fashion with smart performance

Today’s market strongly demands Innovation and sustainability. SolucellAir is a patented technology adopting innovative materials, advanced spinning techniques and fabric processing methods to break the past limits of conventional cotton products remaining natural. Advance Denim, through Solucell injected performance, created a wide range of responsible denim fabrics to easily meet the needs of modern fashion designers and to exceed their quality expectations. At Denim PV discover how the famous Chinese denim master Chen Wen combined art, fashion and innovation blending eastern and western cultures, performance and tradition in a unique mix of indigo creations.

Enrico Forin, Manager of the European office, ADVANCE Denim
Lorenzo Rescali,  VP of BYR International
Chen Wen, Brand Design Director, CHEN WEN

At 12:30pm

#5 Francois Souchet leads Make Fashion Circular, an initiative by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

For fashion to thrive in the future, we must join forces and design a circular economy for clothes. Francois Souchet leads Make Fashion Circular and will share insights from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation report, “A new textiles economy: Redesigning Fashion’s Future”. Make Fashion Circular drives collaboration between industry leaders and other key stakeholders to create a textiles economy fit for the 21st century. Its ambition is to ensure clothes are made from safe and renewable materials, new business models increase their use, and old clothes are turned into new.

Francois Souchet, Project Manager, ELLEN MAC ARTHUR FOUNDATION

 At 2pm

#6 Solutions for circularity: there is a will and now there is a way

More info coming soon.

Tricia Carey, Director of Global Business Development Apparel Lenzing Fibers, LENZING
Dr. Sedef Uncu Aki Orta, Director, ORTA

At 2:30pm


#7 Connecting design, society and the environment

In conversation with Barbara Guarducci, designer and creative director of San Patrignano Textile department and Bethany Williams, Founder of Bethany Williams.  Guarducci and Williams will explore a human centred approach to circular design and new business models.

Bethany Williams, Founder and creative director, BETHANY WILLIAMS
Barbara Guarducci, Designer and creative director Textile department, SAN PATRIGNANO

At 3:30pm

All the Smart Talks are presented and moderated by Giusy Bettoni, Première Vision Sustainability Consultant.

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