ALBIATE 1830: The fourth threads of sustainability

Quality, transparency and traceability are the values guiding Albiate 1830. Part of the Albini Group, the company has a mission of sustainability for both the present and the future of the most beautiful fabrics in the world. The Albini Group has been committed to energy saving and elimination of hazardous chemicals for many years. Moreover, the company sees sustainability as not just a point of arrival, but a continuous and exciting process of improvement.

Here, the threads of sustainability running through the collection that will be presented at Denim Première Vision in London.


1 – Raw material

Albiate 1830 searches for the best raw materials in the world, with the utmost attention to sustainability, with an eye on respecting the environment and guaranteeing traceability from seed to final product. Moreover, in December 2017 Albiate 1830 became a member of the non-profit Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). Their goal is to make cotton production more sustainable for the environment and those involved in the production process.

2- Chemicals

The company is constantly working to ensure the absence of carcinogenic aromatic amines listed in the schedules of the GB 18401 standards and in the regulation of REACH. Furthermore, important goals have been achieved on elimination of harmful substances from the entire production cycle.

3- Environnement

A respect for the environment is also found in energy-savings throughout the entire production process. Important investments have been made to maximize energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. For instance by installing plants to produce renewable energy:  photovoltaic, hydroelectric and autonomous heat exchangers. All this has allowed Albiate 1830  to save huge quantities of water, but also electricity and methane.

4 – Ethics

People and territory are the cornerstones of Albiate 1830’s sustainable vision, focusing on a respect for multiculturalism, the family and equal opportunity. With 1,400 employees in the world, Albiate 1830 and the Albini Group are committed to safety in the workplace. In addition, each year they offer 5,000 hours of training to enhance the know-how of everyone working every day at the company to produce high quality and sustainable fabrics. 


Albiate 1830

For more about Albiate 1830, join them next December 5th and 6th, in the heart of the trendy Shoreditch district.

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