Arvind Limited says no to cotton and yes to innovation !

Arvind Limited will present you its two new innovations at Denim Première Vision, have a look on it before the showcase!


Arvind Limited breaks the visual monotony of Jeanswear with Ikat denim! A strikingly differentiated aesthetic that resemble traditional textile art form of ikat. This range of fabrics, uses a path breaking new indigo dyeing technology, which is not only substantially more sustainable compared with traditional dyeing techniques. It also imparts a completely new and aspirational aesthetic appeal to the finish product. Visually rustic, abstract and imperfect, yet a perfect union of engineered innovation and high-tech, sustainability driven approach.

IKAT DENIM- ARVIND LTD (002)-page-001


Arvind Limited Introducing at the same time: ZERO. A distinctive collection of denims made without cotton. ZERO digs deep into the brand DNA of sustainable lifestyle. An evolved denim that breaks free from cotton production which consumes about 20,000 liters of water per kilogram.
Denims solely woven in eco-friendly yarns like tencel, wool, Kapok, recycled & biodegradable polyester to name a few bring a plethora of benefits for end users. Zero makes headway to our classic pair of jeans with high functional properties with a sustainable approach. Truly a denim of the future !

ZERO DENIM by Arvind Ltd_ (002)-page-001

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