Azgard-9: ethics and aesthetics team up

Azgard-9: Bringing together ethics and aesthetics with a broad range of sustainable fabrics for A20/W21

Azgard-9, a denim company based in Lahore Pakistan, produces the denim fabrics for a number of prestigious brands in the world. The company is globally renowned for premium denim fabrics and garments in both rigid and stretch categories and it stands inimitable in super stretch. The overwhelming desire to own natural resources is the new focus for the company for future denim. Azgard–9 is working incessantly on 3R concept – reducing, reusing and recycling the resources.

Azgard–9 is working incessantly on 3R concept – reducing, reusing and recycling the resources.  The new collection by Azgard–9 based on eco friendly innovations, will be revealed at Denim Première Vision on May 28th and 29th in Milan

Eco-amichevole is an expanded line of sustainable fabrics by Azgard-9.

Azgard-9 adopt an environmental friendly approach and employed 3R concept to get its products remarkably resource–efficient. The company adopted circular habits and teamed up with fiber producers to develop a collection of organic and recycled products. All this started with consumption of BCI and organic cotton and gradually evolved into use of GRS certified recycled cotton, U–Trust certified recycled polyester, Refibra by Lenzing and post–consumer waste.

These sustainable features have been conferred by keeping the roots of denim in heritage and without compromising performance or tactile aesthetics. Our collection from recycled PET bottles is unique in many aspects. Besides basic polyester fiber the company has also integrated two types of engineered fibers totally recycled. These denims are multifunctional and spark creativity for every gender. Further, the process sustainability is comprised of sustainable–dyeing employing 50–60 % less chemical, 35 % less water and steam.

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Azgard–9 continues to make an inevitable impression in the denim industry through production of innovative fabrics. The inventive concepts include integration of multi-functional fibers and use of advance spinning, dyeing, weaving and finishing technologies. The new creations include Hybrid Denim, extra soft, warm, ultra stretch with low compression so one can enjoy the well–being and comfort altogether. A unique self–sized denim is also developed in comfort stretch having no slippage of elastane. In brief it provides an optimal shape retention without compromising comfort and flexibility.

Interested ? Come discover Azgard-9 next May 28-29 at Superstudio Più in Milan!

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