Azgard-9 makes denim’s production cleaner

Coming from Pakistan, Azgard-9 company has been created in 1993. One of their priorities is to combine fashion production and nature’s preservation. To up the challenge, they had to redefine the denim production and its issues. What they do is all about recycled fabric and a general eco-friendly production.

Azgard 9 prefer to use Refibra™ fiber for reducing reliance on natural raw material .This is new sustainable fiber obtained by recycling cottons scraps and Tencel. They get natural soft, biological and durable fabric with Refibra™ fiber.

To make their fabrics, Azgard-9 is blending from 50 to 80% of recycled polyester and recycled cotton yarns : a unique process.




eco finish-4

Also, they adjusted their dyeing and finishing treatments with modern techniques, eco-friendlier than the outdated ones. These technics are more respectful to our earth and to human body, they represent a massive initiative into circular economy and the production process is fully transparent. Using 70% less water, 40% less chemical and also 30% less energy with new finish process is Azgard-9’s contribution for make the earth safer and cleaner for the generations to come. Also, they start today to establish the dialogue between what does earth need and what human can do.

More info about Azgard-9? Check their website >

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