bluesign® system: A sustainable commitment

Managing inputs & Responsible actions

bluesign® will join us at Denim Première Vision to present their innovations through workshop and how they work to improve brand’s sustainable performance, transparency & traceability and communication concerning sustainability. The bluesign® system focuses on resources, people and the environment. With its holistic approach based on Input Stream Management, the bluesign® system reduces the impact on people and on the environment, ensures responsible use of resources and guarantees the highest level of consumer safety. The most stringent criteria and monitoring of on-site implementation encourage companies along the entire textile value chain to improve their sustainability performance.

Bluesign has already cooperated with G-Star Raw, ZDHC, DyStar, Archroma, CHT Bezema… Discover now the different actions they establish !


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Minimizing risks

By using the Input Stream Management approach, harmful substances are eliminated from the very beginning. Other standards certify finished products by end sample testing, notwithstanding the fact that the chemical products used and the production conditions are unknown. Within the bluesign® system all chemical input undergoes a risk assessment based on best available technique (BAT) and advice is  given to the industry to minimize the risk to people and the environment. On-site implementation ensures the right use of the chemical products as well as the protection of people and the environment. As a result the risks for end consumers are minimized too.

Sustainability performance

Beside minimizing the risks, the bluesign® system encourages the system partners to continuously improve safety during the use of chemicals, optimize processes regarding  resource consumption and change the product design in terms of environmental impact. Therefore the bluesign® system is used to improve companies’ sustainability performance.

Business advantage

In the future all companies are required to demonstrate their sustainability performance and provide proof of the minimal  impact on people and the environment, as consumers are increasingly concerned about environmental damage. The shared use of the bluesign® system therefore ensures conformity and lowers costs at the same time. This is a real business advantage for chemical suppliers, textile and accessory manufacturers as well as brands, which makes the bluesign® system an effective  solution for the industry.


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Benefits for manufacturers

  • Enabling the manufacturers to successfully manage complex environmental issues and regulations
  • Implementation of Input Stream  Management to minimize risks
  • Compliance with most common  “Restricted Substances Lists” (RSLs)
  • Access to bluesign® bluefinder, a search  engine for approved chemistry and the  bluesign® blueguide to promote your  approved component
  • Products can be labeled as  bluesign® approved

Benefits for chemical suppliers

  • Homologation and rating of chemical products with the bluesign® bluetool and dedicated support in product stewardship
  • Transparency regarding compliance of  the chemical products with common  “Restricted Substance Lists” (RSLs) and with the SVHC candidate list from REACH
  • The bluesign® system substance list (BSSL) as a comprehensive list of restricted  substances that takes common RSLs into account.
  • Wide acceptance of the bluesign®  approved chemical products by business partners and brands
  • Access to bluesign® bluefinder, an internet platform to promote bluesign® approved chemical products to manufacturers

Benefits for brands

  • Sound sustainability performance in the supply chain which includes elimination of critical substances in the supply chain and from final products
  • Chemicals management system concerning consumer safety issues, currently  approx. 900 chemical substances covered by the constantly updated bluesign®  system substances list (BSSL) to minimize consumer safety risks
  • Implementation of Input Stream Management in the supply chain on mill level
  • Access to the bluesign® blueguide,  the global sourcing tool for fabrics and  accessories which meet the highest criteria regarding protection of resources, people and the environment  
  • Added value by use of the bluesign® product label

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