BRONGO : Machines for Humans

BRONGO is one of the leading company producing washing & dyeing machines in Italy since three generations. Durability, Efficiency, Sustainability are the three key factors for the company based in Florence. They will be one of us during Denim Première Vision!

In BRONGO product and process sustainability is a concept that was already explored in all the directions trough different and innovative type of machines where the technology is applied to the fashion:

  • Washing machines saving water thanks to a unique and proprietary system for low liquor ratio;
  • Washing machines saving energy thanks to HW/SW efficiency optimization;
  • L4200: reduction of stones consumption with 20% less stone-wash time keeping the natural effect of the process;
  • B-CLOUD: a sustainable spray system to apply chemicals on garments with almost ZERO WATER consumption.

Then, the B-SAFE, an automatized airborne filtering system.

Because when they spray chemicals in a regular washing machine – as consequence of the volume of air that it’s injected inside the drum – the products could come out contaminating the work area and the operators.

For this reason at BRONGO they have designed B-SAFE!

Thanks to an innovative “filter system” and a software control B-SAFE keep clean the airborne coming out from the machine during the spray process preserving the health of the workers, the environment and optimizing the process.

B-SAFE is the BRONGO ethical answer to a sustainable solution.

Being sustainable means also being conscious, and the respect of the workers comes first.

At BRONGO the only equation is:

Sustainable = Ecological + Ethical

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