DeriDesen presents its 8 sustainable categories!

DeriDesen is a leading leather label supplier for the Turkish denim market. The company makes various kinds of labels, including real leather, recycled leather, jacron labels, hangtags, printed fabric labels and more.

Sustainability is the core of DeriDesen’s business and life. The company develops and implements environmentally sensitive processes to leave a better environment to future generations. DeriDesen believes in a sustainable world where society and the environment are respected.

Below you will find some of the sustainable categories from DeriDesen that will be presented on May 28th and 29th in Milan!


Recycled Leather

Bonded recycled leather made from leftovers of real leather.

In addition, recycled leather has a Globally Recycled Certificate (GRS).

Deridesen - Recycled Leather

Recycled Felt

Recycled Felt

Recycled felt is made from 100% colourful recycled blended fibres and also meets Reach standards.

It is wash resistant so you can use it for both patches and hangtags.


Cork Labels

Cork is a natural recycled material, so it is a perfect sustainable product.

Suitable for dyeing and hot-printing.


Cork Labels - Deridesen

Organic - Deridesen

Organic Microfiber

Ecolorica is a non-woven fabric and can perfectly reproduce the technical characteristics of natural leather.

OEKO-TEX Certificated Chrome-free Leather

The chrome-free leathers have OEKO-TEX certification.

Furthermore, we can customize them in any colour with any surface effect in various finishings.

Chrome Free Leather - Deridesen

Waterbase PU - Deridesen

Water-base PU

Water-base PU is completely solvent free, and is made with a 100% recycled polyester base.

They have 30 colours and they all meet OEKO-TEX standards.

DMFA is below 5 ppm.



The jacrons are OEKO-TEX and also Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.

Jacron - Deridesen

Recycled Plastic Bags - Deridesen

Recycled Plastic Bags

Plastic materials are taken as scrap and then melted to be manufactured in granular form and offered for reuse as a raw material.

If you’d like more information about DeriDesen’s sustainable categories, join them on May 28th and 29th at Superstudio Più.

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