Future Denim Concept by Bossa: 100% Sustainable denim

Bossa, a leading fully-integrated fabric mill, has been actively involved in the protection and preservation of the environment ever since its start.

Next May 28-29, the company will be at the show in Milan showcasing their new eco-creation concept.

The Company’s Sustainable Mission

Bossa adopted the following procedures aimed at reducing its environmental impact:
– Sustainable Materials
– Energy Efficiency
– Water Saving
– Process Engineering
– Certification
– Social Responsibility
– Re-Usage
– Collaboration
– Co-Creation
– Ecological Dyeing


Futur Denim Concept

To continue their vision, Bossa made a next sustainable step. A concept called Bossa Future Denim’.

“We care about future”
“We aim to raise the level of awareness on environmental issues”

They created items for this new concept that are 100% sustainable.
By combining sustainable fibers and dyeing technique the company creates the denim of the future.


Come visit their booth at the show to see the actual collection.

Don’t forget to get a look at their new A20W21 collection here, and check  out their website.

And take a look at the show’s full programme!


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