Indigo Textile Pvt Ltd: The new LoCO2 process!

Indigo Textile Pvt Ltd is coming to Denim Première Vision on December 5th and 6th in London, where it will present the Low Footprint Denim collection.


The next big thing for fast-adapting industries is responsible product development.

Just like other global industries, the fashion and denim industries are vigorously working on developing more sustainable clothing.

In the denim industry, the use of water and energy along with CO2 emissions are extremely high. Therefore, the overall carbon footprint of the industry is high, and must be significantly reduced.

Much work has already been done in the field of water conservation. For example, the demand for organic cotton is increasing as consumers are becoming more educated. The latest automation in denim machinery is also reducing energy consumption, with the e-Flow Technology by Jeanologia being a great example. However, a lot of work needs to be done in terms of processes in order to further reduce energy consumption.

Nevertheless, the most alarming fact regarding the clothing industry is the amount of used- textile waste.

Indigo Textile - 3

100% Recycled Denim

 A low footprint denim!

The Project Blue Book at Indigo Textile has launched a Low Footprint Denim collection including 100% Recycled Denim Fabric.

Researchers from Indigo Textile have come up with a feasible solution for converting reused fibres into denim without incorporating any new fibres. This will help avoid the use of fresh water, i.e. the more than 2,500 liters of water required to grow the fresh cotton needed for a single pair of jeans.

In this collection, the company is launching a few more brainstormed sustainable products, such as cotton-free fabrics. This is definitely the direction that needs to be followed to significantly reduce products’ ecological footprint.

To discover Indigo Textile’s new processes, join the company next December 5th and 6th at The Old Truman Brewery, London.

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