Indigo Textile Pvt Ltd: The Orbit Collection!

Indigo Textile Pvt Ltd will be at Denim Première Vision on December 5th and 6th in London. Here, a presentation of their Orbit Collection.


The forecast in the denim industry is very clear: everyone is looking for sustainable denim products. Thus, the denim industry must adopt sustainable practices throughout the supply chain.

With this mind, the researchers at Indigo Textile have introduced a sustainable technique. It is used not only for denim fabric processing but also supports garment low impact washing. This dyeing technique ensures indigo dye is deposited only on the circumference of yarn, making sure that there is no dye loss in the core.

Indigo Textile Pvt Ltd

Denim processing

In conventional rope dyeing, a 6% shade has a typical dye loss of 2% in the core, so the visible part is only 4%, which is present on the yarn surface.

With Orbit Dyeing, the same shade appearance can be achieved with 4% dye shade. There is no loss of dye into the core of the yarn and all dye molecules are present on the surface. This way we can reduce chemical consumption by up to 35%. Similarly, we can achieve a 4 dips shade in 3 dips as the yarn is more prepared to absorb the dye quickly. Therefore, water and energy consumption can be reduced by up to 30%.

Garment washing

Denim fabric with Orbit Dyeing is ideal for sustainable denim washing, particularly laser-washing. As the core of the yarn is white, the fabric requires a lower laser intensity in comparison to normal denim fabrics. This not only reduces energy consumption, but also helps counter the strength issues often  associated with laser-washed denim.

But, the biggest advantage of Orbit denim is the time saved in the laser dry process. Usually, to achieve the required fading and brightness in a dry process, additional touch-ups are required in laser washes. With Orbit Technology, this can be reduced significantly. Another benefit is the quick wash-off property of Orbit dyed fabric. This results in reducing overall wash time, thus saving energy.

Indigo Textile Pvt Ltd -1

Orbit Dyed Jacket

We have seen that it is really easier to achieve low EIM scores during garment washing with the help of Orbit Dyeing Technology. This is a step forward towards sustainable practices in denim processing by Indigo Textile.

To discover Indigo Textile’s collection, join them on December 5th and 6th at The Old Truman Brewery, London.

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