KASIV Leather Label: Get a first look at the SS20 sustainable labels collection!

The KASIV Leather Label family is very proud to announce its sustainable label developments. Here, a first taste of what they’ll be presenting at Denim Première Vision, London.

According to the company, “If we try to eat organic food, we should also pay attention to what we’re wearing.” Each day, more and more brands are focusing on this issue. They are all using sustainable fabrics, but still not using sustainable garment labels.

To close the circle, the KASIV family concentrates on sustainable labels: THE FINAL TOUCH!

Their main business is leather.

CHROME FREE Real Leather

Starting from here, they began producing CHROME-FREE Real Leather. This innovative new process uses an organic tanning agent whereby the tanned leather and tannery wastewater are free of heavy metal at the end of the process.

There is a significant reduction in water usage during the production of chrome-free leather and energy-savings due to shorter processing times. As a result, this means 0 chrome.

KASIV Leather Label - 1

KASIV Leather Label - 2


Their second main product is RECYCLED LEATHER. The process of recycling leather involves treating and recycling leather residues. Tanneries and other leather-product industries discard leather residues, and using them in the production of composite materials. To recycle leather, the resulting blend of shredded leather material (containing 70% natural leather) is glued together with resin. Hence, the end result is an environmentally safe and “clean” product, created without polluting the environment.

Finally, throughout the denim world, it’s important to be more open minded to sustainability. “We don’t own this world, we just want to make it a better place for everybody!” said KASIV Leather Label.

For more info about sustainable products including cork, animal-free and microfiber products, join us on December 5th and 6th in London.

Moreover, get the complete Denim PV programme >

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