Kassim : Denim as a symbol of our society

Kassim Denim will be at Denim PV. They also will showcase their eco-friendly innovations in the Smart Square, here is a quick presentation of their vision of denim.


Jeans are a symbol of autonomy, of heritage and of the spirit of individuality that has turned dreamers into doers and doers into icons. Strap on a denim jacket. Pull on some dungarees. Step into some overalls.  Wrapped in the fabric that built modern world you realize that it is more than just a vintage look; you’re paying homage to the men and women who changed the world.

Transporting ourselves to the present era, denim jeans are become more than just the choice for blue collar workers. The ageless style invokes images of men and women striving for independence, freedom and their own dream.

There’s a lot to be said about someone who’s original. These are the men and women who have stepped beyond convention, risen above expectations, and planted a flag outside the borders of routine and safety. Sure, it’s risky. Sure, it’s hazardous. You could be laughed at as easily as ostracized but for those who think beyond the limits of culture the reward can outweigh the hazard. The strange and new becomes accepted. The accepted becomes the praised. The praised becomes classic, and the classic becomes an icon.

This is how they came up with their deep indigo organic cotton denim. They recently introduced a unique pure indigo dyeing process which uses 70% less water and no salt. They use renewable energy, organic reducing agent, biodegradable 3D printed button and sustainable washing techniques. 90’s with a modern 360 stretch, their definition of: the perfect fit denim recyclability.


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