KT Trims & Accessories: a new colour called “Magic Print”!

KT Trims & Accessories was founded to supply global fashion brands with durable, high-quality leather labels and trims that surpass global safety standards. The company is proud to be presenting its new “Magic Print” colour at this edition of Denim Première Vision.

“Magic Print” is a colour that changes and grows more intense when brought into sunlight or is UV light-exposed. Therefore, the print can be applied to all the usual product qualities such as leather, PU, Jacron and recycled leather.

The effect can’t be captured in photos; consequently, you have to see it live!


Recycled leather

Recycled leather Recycled leather 2

If you’d like to see a live demonstration of “Magic Print”, join them on December at The Old Truman Brewery.

In addition, get the complete Denim PV programme >

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