Kuroki in Ibara: a city of pure water!

Japan’s Kuroki continues to produce the highest quality denims, with an eye on the world’s future, in Ibara, a city of pure water! Using this as their company motto, Kuroki makes every effort to provide their worldwide customers consistently high-quality denim textiles.

The company’s project will be unveiled this May 28th and 29th at Denim Première Vision in Milan.


Wastewater quality & water volume



Ibara City, where Kuroki’s factory is located, is endowed with an abundant supply of underground water (soft water). Kuroki uses underground water for dyeing and processing. The company owns a waste-water treatment facility capable of treating 1000t of water per day. The water is then discharged to a river, which flows into the Seto Inland Sea. The amount of water used at all times is approximately 300t, but the processing facility has a capacity of 1000t per day, which provides more than a sufficient margin. Drainage investigations are carried out regularly by the Okayama Prefecture.

At the same time, Kuroki has installed an automatic measuring gauge to supervise their operations around the clock.

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The Oda River, which runs through Ibara City, flows into the Seto Inland Sea. In order to prevent the occurrence of red tide in the Seto Inland Sea, there are strict regulations enforced and overseen by law regarding nitrogen and phosphorus.

Kuroki is working to reduce water consumption in its dyeing and processing equipment. However, due to the nature of dyeing and processing, a minimum amount of water is required. This minimum amount of water is treated in order to bring the water quality back to that of the underground water before being discharged into the river. This is achieved via a treatment facility with enough of a capacity margin for the amount of water we use.

To discover more about this project, come meet Kuroki next May 28th and 29th at Superstudio Più in Milano!

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