Lifecycle of an idea by Naveena: the perfect mix between design, technology & sustainability!

The soul of denim has always been about change. “Lifecycle of an idea” (LOAI) from Naveena is about newer and more thoughtful ways of looking at product development. Here, a brief look ahead at LOAI, which will be presented on December 5th and 6th in London.


A product always starts with an idea. Today, it’s important to consider an end-to-end approach regarding how the product will be made, used and how long it will last. A holistic consideration must be given to consumer expectations and our planet’s needs using the most advanced technologies.

“Lifecycle of an idea” is Naveena’s commitment to push the boundaries of the denim industry, delivering high quality and innovative products relevant to today’s and tomorrow’s consumers while driving change for the benet of society and a sustainable future.


Technology has evolved into the key tool for design.

Innovations in performance and fit are key requirements in a world where stretch fabrics are a part of our everyday lives. Recovery, yarn engineering, smart technologies, … provide a focus on authenticity and comfort that continue to influence the denim world.

In fact, Naveena introduces “Science X the Blues” concept that lends added ease to the cool look and feeling with tech-driven, body conscious denim fabrics.



Denim is not back, because it has never left!

Right up into the 21st century, denim has been expanding its horizons, even stepping into the world of  Couture Houses. From couture to transport, denim is everywhere.

It has moved way beyond the classic 5-pocket and is turning everything upside down, no longer defined by any one fabric or even colour. This creates the opportunity for a new denim outlook and creativity. Premium looking blended and coated fabrics offer ease of movement, super luxe handles and surface interest.

Naveena - 2


Denim is immune to fashion cycles!

Denim has been part of various fashion cycles throughout the years, some lasting longer than others. But true authenticity in denim is immune to cycles. Occasionally, there are those ‘perfect storm’ moments when a fashion cycle and authenticity collide.

Traditional constructions, old school yarn character, and mid to heavier weights in classic shades are having such a moment: from the Hippies of the 60’s and 70’s to the Hip Hop styles of the 80’s and 90’s. The influence of authenticity is making rigid fabrics cool to a young consumer who hasn’t known life before super-stretch, and refuses to sacrifice comfort for fashion.

Naveena - 4


Blue jeans are about taking a stand. And for them, it is about “being the change you want to see in the world”.

That’s why at Naveena, denim production is not “business as usual”. Today’s consumer takes much more of an interest in how their purchases are produced, how their purchases impact people & the planet. Lucky for them, Naveena share their views.

Furthermore, the demand for transparency plus their commitment to thoughtful design and production practices remain an inspiration for their collection. They have partnered with industry leaders in denim ingredients to help preserve the future.

Naveena - 5


Flow in freedom!

Comfort and movement take center stage in response to world events. We all want to feel free! Constructions are looser or densely fluid. Labels are discarded, there is less concern with seasons or weights attached to gender, and there’s a real focus on feeling good.

Here the easy nature of indigo knits goes well beyond athleisure. Lighter weights are used for comfort. And also an attention paid to smooth handless and finishing are the hallmarks of this influence.

Naveena - 6

To learn more “LOAI”, join Naveena on December 5th and 6th at The Old Truman Brewery, London.

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