Long Live Denim, recycled denim eco-tour

Learn all you need to know about Post Consumer Recycled Denim (PCRD) during a guided eco-tour.

Helene Smits, Circular Fashion Strategist, will guide you on an eco-tour and show you the different recycled denim options offered by the Alliance for Responsible Denim partner mills: Artistic Fabric & Garment industries, Artistic Milliners, Bossa, Era Garment and Kilim Denim.
Sharpen your sustainable denim knowledge and gain in-depth insight into the environmental impact of recycled denim, as well as its technical and practical aspects.

Join one of our four recycled denim eco-tours*:

Wednesday 5th December

1pm & 4pm

Thursday 6th December

1pm & 3:30pm

Online registration is closed but you can register onsite.

*Each guided-tour can welcome up to 20 people.

Helene Smits
Circular fashion strategist | founder at Stating the Obvious

Helene builds on over 7 years of experience in Circular Economy and sustainable innovation. In 2014, she set up the Circle Textiles Program at Circle Economy, dedicating herself exclusively to bringing circular economy principles to the textiles industry. 2 years ago she founded Stating the Obvious, an independent consultancy in this field, working on innovative projects in collaborative networks of brands, suppliers and other key stakeholders (including Recover, Circle Economy, Amsterdam Fashion Institute and Fashion for good). She is currently one of the project leads for the Alliance for Responsible denim with a focus on recycled denim.




Alliance for Responsible Denim (ARD)

The Alliance for Responsible Denim (ARD) is an initiative from Made-By, Circle Economy and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.
ARD  brings denim brands together to collectively take steps towards improving the ecological sustainability impact of denim production.
These first steps include establishing measurements, benchmarks and standards for resource use (e.g. chemicals, water, energy) and recycled denim.
Although based in Amsterdam, ARD represents international denim brands and suppliers.

Get more info >

For a deeper exploration of sustainable denim, discover the Smart Talks Programme dedicated to the circular economy >

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