M&J: “Find the naked truth about fashion”

M&J is coming to Denim Première Vision and what they want is to prove denim production can have a responsible process. Because they play a major role in there, M&J has chosen sustainability, innovation and creativity to draw the future of the fashion supply chain. M&J wants people to “Find the naked truth about fashion”, that is why Denim Première Vision has been appointed to get the exclusivity of showing “Start to Measure”.

What “start to measure” is about?

Start to measure is the very first fact-checker on sustainable change. M&J used technology to develop a new inventive way to collect and gauge data on resource consumption in the whole laundry process.

That way, everyone can be aware of what they are wearing by checking water consumption, resource consumption, chemicals used and total value-added time per garment.

How does it work?

Start to measure is a complete and highly-integrated system that works through several proprietary software and a cutting-edge hardware that is able to monitor every moment of production.
A team of M&J engineers traces every garment step by step, thus developing reliable data on the quantity of resources.

What about Grindstone?

To seize the occasion, M&J came up with a collection designed and realized entirely at M&J R&D Lab: Grindstone. This collection is produced using Garmon GreenScreen chemicals and the Nimbus technology. Moreover, Grindstone has been inspired by the working-class world and all the different manual labors practices, also M&J has banished permanganate during the process.
Because denim is an everyday must-have M&J want it to be greener and safer.



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