Naveena Denim Mill engages itself for a sustainable fashion

Naveena team will be one of ours during the event to discuss about denim production’s future. To make you hold on a little bit, here is their presentation.

Naveena Denim Mills puts sustainability and innovation at the very heart of its project and research. “Our actual area needs people to think about how they can improve the fashion production and keep the earth safe without sacrificing style. It is not the work of a unique person but all of them.” This is what Naveena Denim Mills explains when they are talking about partners they decided to work with.

Allydro – Caring for the Planet

Committed to promote sustainable manufacturing and lifestyle, the company has recently regrouped their most recent innovations under a single brand, Allydro, in order to better reflect this approach and to promote an industry change.

Allydro regroups four different lines of products, H2NO, Ecolean, Allydro Plus and Eternal Colors.

H2NO – Water is Life

In response to denim water consumption, they came up with H2NO, their new “thirst-free” denim line. The technology conserves up to 90 percent water and energy. Using this new process, Naveena says it saves 12 liters of water per jeans and saves 10 to 12 tonnes of chemicals annually. For the very first time, ozone is used to replace steam, chemical or water’s necessities in the denim production’s process.

Naveena H2NO

Allydro Plus – Created to preserve

Allydro Plus is the other dyeing process they designed in collaboration with the chemical manufacturer ARCHROMA. Without restraining dying possibilities, they found a way to save up to 45 percent in water, 51 percent in energy and 80 percent in effluent load: easy and ecological!

Naveena allydro plus

Ecolean – Clean water, clean future

Because denim cannot do without dyeing, they develop in collaboration with DyStar, the chemical manufacturer, their new line named Ecolean. Energy, water and time are saving in the process as well as they reduce the effluent output. A way to get the water cleaner.

Naveena Ecolean

Eternal Colors – Denim that will never fade

Last but not least, Naveena collaborated with the fiber manufacturer Lenzing to create Eternal Colors, the line which offers you the pleasure of keeping colors like at the first day. Moreover, this fiber uses 50% less energy and requires only 50% of the water typically used in conventional dying processes.

Naveena Eternal Colors

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