Nearchimica proposes eco-sustainable chemicals

Continuing the path it has taken for years towards becoming an increasingly eco-sustainable chemical company, Nearchimica presents its latest developments for sustainable fashion, both for fabrics and garments.
The company’s know-how in chemistry and applications using the latest technologies has led to amazing results.

Examples of new technologies:

  • indigo discharge printing,
  • new light and sustainable coatings,
  • bleaching without the use of permanganate or chlorine,
  • use of laser with specific boosters,
  • complete elimination of pumice stone and more.

These are all new technologies and scientific advances that make it possible to develop a more sustainable denim.

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If you are interested in finding out more, join Nearchimica at Denim PV this 28th and 29th May in Milan.

To learn more about the Denim PV programme >

Want to learn more about Nearchimica? Click here.

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