The ORTA biodesign challenge: to reimagine denim

ORTA joins with Biodesign Challenge

To encourage companies to use a circular production model, ORTA is partnering with the Biodesign Challenge to create a new award for BDC 2019. The ORTA Biodesign Challenge is focused on reimagining denim, helping to further ORTA’s mission to pioneer denim at the cutting edge of biology and design.

As a leading denim brand pursuing sustainable lifestyles and production, ORTA founded its sustainability division ORTA BLU in 2010. ORTA’s sponsorship of the Biodesign Challenge furthers their commitment to a net-positive handprint in everything they do.



The Orta Biodesign Challenge tasks teams from top design schools to create denim products, imagine alternative raw materials, and rethink processes using biotechnology. To succeed in their research, design students will be partnering with top-tier scientists.

The ORTA Prize for Bioinspired Textiles Processes will be awarded to the team that explores sustainability in the fabrication and treatment of textiles. Students are asked to consider how their manufacturing and application affects users, ecosystems, and the environment.

The winning global teams of the Biodesign Challenge will showcase their design models at the Biodesign Summit in New York in front of academic, industrial and design representatives. The ORTA prize will be awarded next 21 June at MoMA in NYC.

From fast fashion to biodesign

Awareness of issues related to sustainability and ethics is becoming a key concern for many apparel purchasers. According to the Millennial Impact Report, 87% of millennials would be more loyal to a company that helps them contribute to social and environmental issues.

In a world where fast fashion still dominates, real positive action is limited unless the industry adopts biodesign. As science and fashion converge, ORTA is ready to lead the global movement to harness an outside-the-box way of creating denim. With its commitment to the Biodesign Challenge, ORTA is ready to explore how innovations in biotechnology can transform denim.


For more about ORTA, join them next 28th and 29th May, at SuperStudio Più in Milan.

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