Orta: Get a first look at SS20 Feel Light Collection!

The Spring-Summer 2020 FEEL LIGHT collection speaks to Orta‘s ongoing commitment to a sustainable handprint in everything they make. Feel Light continues Orta’s passion for creating superior fabrics that respect humanity and the planet we occupy. It supports the vision of Human2Denim.

Orta have been actively building its proprietary Orta Blu renewable and sustainable processes – in support of an overall circular economy – into every step of its work for the past five years.

The company will be at Denim Première Vision on December 5th and 6th in London. Here, a look at the various lines featured in the SS20 collection:



Stretch Spectrum captures Orta’s leadership in intuitive stretch technology.

It’s a new measure of stretch across a continuum – with exceptional mobility across a spectrum of both comfort and stretch. A new domain for stretching your potential with ORTA’S U FORCE and Dynamic Stretch.




Archive Chronicles encapsulates 65 years of weaving stories through Orta’s fabrics, where the past, present and future of denim are merged as one. Together with The Vintage Showroom, Orta turns back to its archives to find what is meaningful, to carry it with them to their new sustainable future.

At Orta, they believe that icons can never fade from our cultural memory… In times of uncertainty, they reach for the best-of-our-past to reinterpret our future.



Fuse embraces the idea of combining things to create something unique. It captures MICRO-CRAFTED DENIM BLENDS and brings together the perfect combination of Orta’s crafted softness and extensive body & fit science, blended to deliver supreme flexibility.

A new breed of interwoven fibres for the most technical blended denim.

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Wholeblu is eco-crafted, eco-honest denim with a lot of whole denim love. It’s a new generation of eco-crafted denim that delivers on Orta’s mission to create the most eco-positive, eco-tech denim with superior construction.

Therefore, wholeblu is soulful, soft and sustainable from start to finish. It is Orta’s commitment to a more sustainable, beautiful world in which we can FEEL LIGHT.


Get ready for a new dimension of white! Deep White revolutionizes the market for pure white denim that is high-definition.

It is woven with a strong character and shapely soft stretch.

Now you can wear your whites fearlessly!


Wave is a new generation of denim naturals that are fluid, lightweight and drapey. Think of it as a lighthearted fabric for today’s clean-living enthusiasts.

Wave captures the airy, free-flowing feel of a summer’s breeze and it re-interprets lightweight denim with a precious twist of natural fibres

To discover Orta’s collection, stop by their booth next December 5th and 6th at The Old Truman Brewery.

Get the complete programme >

Learn more about Orta here!

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