PG Denim by Berto-Eurotessile: A “new world” is born at Denim Première Vision

Denim Première Vision is getting ready for an exclusive news: Berto and Eurotessile enter the high-end range with a Premium line that will revolutionize the concept of Denim itself. It’s PG Denim by BertoEurotessile, rising from the partnership with Paolo Gnutti, creative mind who made style hybridizations turn into a success factor.

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In the stream of fashion contamination, they are rising 2 exclusive new 2019-2020 fall-winter collection: It is a “bridge between two worlds” crossing continents through the garments. From Northern Europe dark shades to Southern Europe colours and extreme washing. And also to Japan, a destination that is a must in denim tradition. The 2 collections are dedicated precisely to denim and white. The idea does not stem from a mere sense of surprising but rather from the research of a balance in the meeting of opposites, closing the time and space gap.

This collaboration is also a sustainable engagment: The mind is traveling far, the hands remain Italian: the supply chain is 100% made in Italy, while the raw materials selection does not cross the European borders. The ambitious goal is to take the codes of dyeing-ready into denim.

Discover now a description of the 6 capsules !


The Capsules

  • With the first of the 6 capsules we will enjoy in Paris, the wool classic leaves the parlours and make their way on the street: denim’s natural environment.
  • The second capsule is called “Working Hero”, it takes inspiration from uniforms and working clothes, models of sturdiness, flexibility and style, to create a handmade masterpiece with sulphur shades.
  • The third capsule is called “Luxury”, it draws arabesques of fine wools inside the cottons, applying sometimes silver yarns to obtain an amazing effect, exclusive, with a vintage soul.
  • The fourth capsule is dedicated to precious flocked made on full board designs. New tactile feelings thanks to soft notes of warmth are found in it.
  • Then, full space to digital print: the fifth capsule is a tribute to a creativity capable to imprint any design on denim, from museum artwork to street art, at a resolution never seen before.
  • Last but not least: the sixth capsule, “Sottovetro” (under glass) introduces fabric sheers through an eye (and touch) captivating shiny glaze.
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