Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 19

Smart Creation, the podcast, invites you to explore the potential of sustainable fashion.

For this episode, we are pleased to welcome Olivier Raynaud, Owner and General manager of Raynaud Jeune, specialized in the vegetable tanning of lamb skins and exhibitors of Première Vision Leather.

«  It is a very important demand from our customers. More and more my main and major customers come to visit our company and want to see what we do for the environment before they commit themselves with ourselves . We keep our customers because we have this real eco-friendly way of working. »

Smart creation the podcast


This week we are meeting with Olivier Raynaud, he is the general manager of Raynaud Jeune, founded in 1928. This family business is a small lamb skin tannery in the south of France. The company is mostly focused on leather for shoes and leather good. They are produced as sustainable as they can and are very careful about their customers’ demands. In this episode, Olivier tells us his two eureka moments that pushed him to become more sustainable, he explains how he is managing his company and he details the best practices Raynaud Jeune has adopted over the past years. He also explains us the process of his vegetable tanned leather and gives advises for young designer who want to build a sustainable brand.

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