The Smart Talks: all you need to know about the circular economy

Next May 29, Denim PV will host a series of Smart Talks dedicated to “Future and Contemporary Visions for Smart-Tech Denim”, covering everything you ever wanted to know about the circular economy.

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Future and Contemporary Visions for Smart-Tech Denim

#1 Partnerships transforming the fashion-materials value chain

Candiani Denim is a truly pioneering company in the areas of technology, innovation, responsibility and creativity.  They are leading the supply chain toward what’s next in terms of new materials and functions. The company also has a very skilled approach in how they introduce their proposals to brands. Join the panel to discover a pivotal case history illustrating its undertakings.


Wednesday 29 at 11am

#2 Avant-garde creativity refashions the modern denim language

Discover a smart innovation that will revolutionize denim. Elin Larsson will share with you Filippa K’s passion for design and the brand’s strategy to create long-lasting pieces, to give life to a smaller, indeed smarter, contemporary wardrobe. Haikure will then share its commitment, since its inception in 2007, to transparency, as clearly demonstrated by the application of QR technology.


  • Elin Larsson, Advisor and lecturer for Sustainability & Circularity at Filippa K
  • Federico Corneli, Founder and CEO of Haikure / CEO of CS Jeans

Wednesday 29 at 12pm

#3 Naturally smart colour performance

The panel will guide the audience through the fascinating world of natural dyeing. The two speakers will introduce two different but complementary directions, where technology is the key differentiator. Performant, innovative, creative but still environmentally responsible!


  • Manel Subirats, Founder and CEO of Greendyes
  • Alessandro Maria Butta, Colori La Campana

Wednesday 29 at 1pm

#4 Cutting-edge machine technologies for pioneering smart creativity

Shima Seiki, Santoni and Acimit are three key players in terms of innovation in the machine industry.

Usually, knitwear is produced by knitting each part separately and then sewing them all together. In contrast, Shima Seiki’s Wholegarment knitwear is produced in one entire piece, three-dimensionally, directly on the knitting machine, preventing wasted material such as cut loss and seam allowance.

Santoni recently launched the X Machine, offering the possibility to knit countless intarsia items to obtain seamless uppers. The machine makes it possible to map different areas according to the type of yarn used and the various combinations chosen, so as to produce a final product that is ready for the application of the sole, the final shoe manufacturing stage.

Acimit (Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers) will close the panel by sharing its 70-year experience as a private, non-profit body, whose main purpose is promoting the Italian textile machinery sector. It will highlight the need for optimized management of production processes to reduce both consumption and waste, and the correlation between Industry 4.0 and sustainability. This is the underlying framework of the “Targa Verde” project, which aims to provide end users with the best information for classifying the production process.


  • Simone Sottocasa, Sales Division, Shima Seiki
  • Patrick Silva, Head of marketing, communication and business development at the Santoni group
  • Roberto Vago, technology advisor, Acimit

Wednesday 29 at 2pm

#5 Heisel Design Lab for fashion technology and 3-D printing

Sylvia Heisel will share her expertise in 3D printing for fashion through a practical session. She will present an overview of the opportunities and new developments in 3D printing equipment, materials and design software for fashion, and take a look at the opportunities and challenges that still lie ahead. Heisel works with brands and manufacturers to develop 3D printed products and integrate additive manufacturing into their supply chain. The design lab creates prototype garments and works with fashion brands and apparel manufacturers to develop smart wearables and integrate 3D printing into their designs and supply chains.


  • Sylvia Heisel, Designer and Creative Director at Heisel

All the Smart Talks are presented and moderated by Giusy Bettoni, Première Vision Sustainability Consultant.

Wednesday 29 at 3pm

All the Smart Talks are presented and moderated by Giusy Bettoni, Première Vision Sustainability Consultant.

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