Soko Chimica keeps evolving in the eco-responsible field

Denim Première Vision is happy to add SOKO to its eco-friendly exhibitors list. They will have their own booth during the show in order to present you their new innovation we invite you to discover right now!

Soko Chimica recently introduced a new washing treatment BIOCLEAN-SOKO, based on an innovative range of sustainable products, that doesn’t involve workers anymore in the dangerous process of spraying oxidizing agents, such as potassium permanganate, to fade the Denim garments. The use of BIOCLEAN-SOKO applied in traditional washing machines eliminates the use of Potassium Permanganate and similar oxidizing agents from many denim washing applications reducing dramatically the impact of these dangerous chemicals on workers and environment.

This is a different approach to a well-known problem, in fact BIOCLEAN-SOKO is applied in a “10 minutes machine wash process” without dangerous contact between chemicals and operators. Thanks to that and up to a medium level of Indigo discharging Soko eliminates hazardous oxidizing agents spray processes for humans and waste chemicals in the environment.

At Soko they don’t consider the replacement of Potassium Permanganate with different chemicals a sustainable solution, that’s why they move forward to a definitive concept:


“Stop manual spray, be ethic”

BIOCLEAN-SOKO is a product having also other interesting applications in the field of Sustainability and it is part of the RESPONSIBLE Concept that SOKO is developing since many years with excellent results.  SOKO is in fact one of the main player when Responsibility comes to the washing side. The company was the first to introduce years ago the spray application in closed systems for the stone-wash (reducing water, energy, stones consumption and environmental impact).  Now Soko moves another big step into the ethical side of the washing, where sustainability goes with the respect of the people involved.


You want more info concerning Soko? Check their website !

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