Atelier Tuffery: The sustainable denim!


What is the denim of future made of?

Atelier Tuffery, the oldest French denim producer, lauches a new line which is going to revolutionize French modern denim history: 100% local hemp jeans!

It is all about local market from beginning of production to sale and a deep respect of Human and Environment.
As we all know, cotton, which composes most of denim items, is one of the most polluting agriculture. Hemp, in contrast to cotton is a robust plant requiring practically no phytosanitary treatment and no watering. The culture is developed in Lot, (France) and the production is made in Tuffery ateliers (Lozère) weaving, dyeing (made in France and certified Oekotex) and finishing is carried out respectively at Passetram, Plo and Ferrier in Tarn.

Tuffery wants a fashion which can be worn each season every year!

In hemp they find a naturally mottled appearance and also thermoregulating and antiseptic attributes, could we ask for more? Yes! Because from one plant many different uses are possible! Seed is used to feed human and animals, fibers are aimed at textile and industry, the central part of the stem is used for construction and many different parts of the plant help in the medical field.

For 2 years, the development project for this hemp denim fabric has been developed between Atelier Tuffery and Virgoccop.
Virgocoop is a cooperation acting in favor of ethic and equality including environmental issues, profits and economy. In order to support France in denim’s field and hem production, a huge amount of jeans price will be devoted to development and strengthening of the sector!

Be fast!

A first series of 300 jeans will be available for pre-order from 1 May. And for each pair of jeans sold, Atelier Tuffery and Virgocoop undertake to replant 70m2 of hemp in the Lot.

Atelier Tuffery

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