[Video stream] Smart Talks – Designers: the enzymatic agents of the fashion business

New! Watch the full video stream of the Smart Talks!

Last December in London, Première Vision and consultant Giusy Bettoni invited a panel of sustainability game-changers to talk about visionary strategies, innovations and solutions tackling the impact of the business sector on the planet.

Now, for the first time, we’re giving you the opportunity to (re)live these Smart Talks via video streaming.

Enzymes are catalysts of biological processes. Let’s think of designers as creative units able to activate sustainable processes pushing for a more sustainable fashion business. We have invited emerging and established visionary designers committed to triggering a positive change.

With Sandya Lang – Sustainability Manager Nudie Jeans & Maurizio Zaupa – Chief Designer and Product for Man Denim collection’s at Jacob Cohën.

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