Arvind launches 4 new lines!

Discover the 4 new lines of Arvind


Arvind’s line of premium stretch denim with great recovery. The BOOMERANG™ brand comprises of 3 lines :

  • BOOMERANG™ – the classic stretch denim with great recovery and an amazing hand feel.
  • BOOMERANG™ 360 – 4 way stretch denims
  • BOOMERANG™ BOUNCE – vertical stretch denims

One of the most sought after fabric brands in denim market, BOOMERANG™ has been making great impact as consumer stories at store level for major Indian brands like PEPE JEANS INDIA, BENETTON INDIA, US POLO INDIA, FLYING MACHINE and JEALOUS JEANS to name a few.


A denim palette conceived for the fast paced fashion industry. This array of casts are designed to be applied on one denim fabric with defined characteristic that can be customized for a complete season or collection. The line has been getting an impressive response since its launch in Amsterdam last month.


Arvind’s patented technology in India that brings saturated indigo fabrics with its perfect blend of indigo dyed wrap and weft yarns ; giving you the ability to create greater contrasts, differentiated casts, and more wash downs.


Hand-spun, hank-dyed, and handwoven by artisanal communities from across the villages of India, Khadi Denim is the most sustainable fabric on planet.

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Arvind engages entire communities of artisans in the production of modern Khadi. Such a unique value chain facilitates not only sustainable fashion, but empowers families across Indian villages, giving them access to a better way of life. The impact of Khadi goes beyond the visible human impact, to the socioeconomic environment of the country. In a way, Khadi stands as the most comprehensive form of sustainability.


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