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Soorty, a Pakistan-based denim weaver, was at Denim Première Vision last December 5th and 6th in London. At the show, you discovered Soorty’s SS20 collection.

A look back at the different lines of their SS20 collection.



Denim is an adaptable fabric, suitable for all seasons. As climate change makes weather increasingly unpredictable, denim is the perfect fit for a changing environment.

And Soorty’s Travel Lite is the perfect material for taking on the world. Travel Lite jeans are as gentle as a summer breeze and as soft as a feather.

The TENCEL™ enhanced denim is cotton free, making these clothes a breathable, comfortable fit for people on the move.

Travel-Lite 3-1- Soorty


Indigo is the colour of memory, a recollection of the world as it was. Influenced by traditional designs, the Nostalgia collection is a classic style for the modern world.

With an emphasis on a vivid array of styles, these jeans are specially tailored, with choices like marble and salt & pepper, lightweight and heavyweights, all made with a vintage denim feel.

They create a distinctive nostalgia look by blending multicount yarns and adding selvedge for a rustic feel.

Nostalgia 2-1 - Soorty


The word ‘jeans’ was first used to describe garments worn by European sailors from the ports of Genoa. The Genoese navy equipped its sailors with jeans due to the need for fabric that would be wearable both wet and dry.

Those durable fabrics were made of canvas sails to survive the harsh conditions at sea.

Their natural historical concept takes inspiration from the enduring spirit of both sailors and the sea.

Natural History 1 - 2 - Soorty


The modern world is a hectic, fast-moving rollercoaster. To keep pace with the rough and tumble times we live in, we have to adapt.

Soorty’s jeans are made not only to look sharp, but to be a flexible extension of the body itself.

Their High Energy line of denim is a genderless array targeting performance and movement. Hugging close to the skin, these High Energy jeans are woven with stretch fabric and made with low growth, making them perfect for the mobility of the modern world.

High Energy 2 -1 - Soorty


A design system for developing sustainable products based on circular design.

Soorty is proud to launch a range of denim fabrics that are Cradle to Cradle GOLD Certified™. This is the ultimate solution to cater to the needs of Millennials, Gen Z and Gen Alpha.

The company believes that sustainability is not just a lifestyle but a responsibility. Hence, all the raw materials and processes used in the manufacturing of C2C GOLD range are sustainable and certified.

Soorty is offering a wide range of fabrics in this category, ranging from light to heavy weights, in both stretch and non-stretch constructions.

C2C (The Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Product Standard) guides them through a continual improvement process.

The C2C Gold Certified Denim Line is, in fact, a 3rd approval of Soorty’s intention to design all their operations in such a way as to honour people and natural systems affected by the creation, use, disposal or reuse of denim as well as optimizing towards safer materials at all stages of their production.


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