ETIMED: labels inspired by the latest denim trends

Etiquetas del Mediterraneo (ETIMED) draws on 50 years of impeccable experience in the world of labeling.

ETIMED’s professional team advises clients as each production step is carried out, to ensure the best result. Their knowledge and experience has brought the firm both national and international recognition.




New DENIM inspiration trends: The label’s aesthetic approach is nourished by real effects, creating contrasts and a rich result. For instance, authentic labeling collections, where sustainable development and technique go hand in hand in the majority of elements comprising each label.


Sustainable developments constitute a fundamental part of their collection for next season. In the course of the company’s day-to-day workings, a series of specific requirements is established for each of their products, encompassing the company’s chain of control and social and environmental practices. Therefore, the brand imposes a series of chemical restrictions to reduce environmental impact.

That is to say, ETIMED embraces a commitment to respect the world in which we live, with transparent policies and the use of certified materials.

Come to Denim Première Vision Show in London this 3rd and 4th December 2019 to discover their newest ideas.

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