Indigo Textile Pvt Ltd: A S/S20 Collection with 3 different concepts!

Indigo Textile Pvl Ltd will be at Denim Première Vision on December 5th and 6th in London. Here are the 3 different lines that will be presented for the S/S20 collection.



The concept of unisex clothing is getting stronger and stronger day by day, with the growing belief that dividing people based on gender is just another way of discriminating against them.

The forecasting section of Project Blue Book has predicted that the demand for soft and handles will increase in the denim market. Foreseeing this demand, developers have worked on a premium air-blown yarn technology. The idea is to impart bulkiness by blowing air in the core of the yarn while maintaining sufficient yarn strength.

The fibre staple length and the maturity of the lumen support the yarn technology. It is further reinforced with a fabric construction focusing primarily on the cloth cover factor.

Entrapped air allows the yarn to be compressed by pressing and touching. Therefore, the yarn offers an improved handle and premium feel without using any special fibres.


The beauty of denim is its ability to fade upon use. Indigo dye used in the making of denim fabric is is the reason behind this fade-down effect. Indigo dye should be layered around the warp yarn surface and shouldn’t penetrate into the yarn. Thus, a garment made from denim fabric has a tendency to lose the dye stuff, which is known as fading.

In the fast-fashion denim industry, different experiments have been done in order to create colour additions to the basic twill fabric called denim.

Coloured denim has been a feature of fashion forecasts since the last decades. In particular, it allows designers to implement their mood and colour boards more efficiently into denim product categories. Faded effects, just like Indigo, have always been a fantasy for the denim design world.

Noting the demand, the researchers at Indigo Textile Pvt. Ltd. have found a way to dye rope yarn. They use a specially modified liquid sulphur created in collaboration with a renowned chemical supplier, along with the presence of a broad and bright colour spectrum, which was not possible before. Furthermore, the application of this newly developed dye class is only possible with the newly customized Smartec dyeing range from the company. This innovative dyeing technique is named as The Phantom Series because the fading effect on bright colours is just like that of Indigo.

At the moment, researchers are working on to further broaden the colour spectrum of The Phantom Series. And evaluations are already in process to measure the sustainable advantages of this method.


Indigo Textile - 5th element


Creating a perfect jegging fabric is always a challenging task. It’s difficult to maintain a balance in the ideal requirements for such a fabric.

The Fifth Element is a ground-breaking fabric construction by Indigo Textile that helps maintain an equilibrium among all the fundamental elements required for a perfect jegging fabric.

The attributes of the 5th Element Collection: less poly content, authentic denim character, stretch greater than 50%, width greater than 55’’, growth less than 5%.

To discover Indigo Textile Pvt Ltd’s collection, join us on December 5th and 6th at the Old Truman Brewery, London.

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